Preparing for Worship

Each week we want you to come to worship prepared to sing to Jesus, hear about him in God's Word, and seek to be fully devoted to Him all the days of your life.

APRIL 21, 2024

Worship from the Word

Sermon:  "Jacob's Dream"
Passage:  Genesis 28:10-17

Music This Week

8:30 AM

11:00 AM

Hymn 571 | This Is the Day
Hymn 666 | We Have Come into His House
Hymn 142  | Worthy, You Are Worthy
Hymn 543 | Nearer, My God, to Thee
Hymn 447  | It Is Well with My Soul
Song | What My Father's Like
Song | Hymn of Heaven
Song | Goodness of Jesus
Song | It Is Well 

6:00 PM

Hymn 638 | For the Beauty of the Earth
Hymn 127  | The Heart of Worship

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